by Ho Ching (Crystal) Lam | Dec 17, 2020
Black Top & Checker Cabs has launched a series of new features within the Black Top
Vancouver application with your convenience in mind. From reservation to payment, you can
now complete every procedure within the app and enjoy your travel around Vancouver hassle-

Stay informed while saving on data with our text message notifications

Upon completing your reservation for a taxi on the Black Top Vancouver app, you can stay
informed about your trip by opting-in to receive SMS notifications. The text messages will
confirm your reservation and offer reminders when your taxi is nearby. With these notices, you
will be alerted every step of the way, never needing to worry about missing any of your rides.

Addition bonus: you can save on data usage by receiving text messages.

Keep your peace of mind with our live location tracker

At Black Top & Checker Cab, we prioritize your safety and security by keeping your journey fully
transparent. Once your trip begins, you can share your live location with others via the Track
My Taxi
or the Parent Tracker features.

Through 'Track My Taxi,' you can send your live location to anyone on your contact list via text
messages. At the same time, parents can activate the 'Parent Tracker' function to receive live
location notices when their children take a cab.
In addition to the various tracking abilities, your taxi driver's security code and ID, as well as the
vehicle ID, will be displayed within the application. This information suggests your driver has
passed Black Top & Checker Cabs' periodic reviews, including police checks, driving ability tests,
and more.

Convenience is key, achieved through the in-app payment and favourite destination functions

Finally, whether you pre-book a cab or hail one from the street, you can always pay via our app.
Register your credit card within the Black Top Vancouver app, and you can reach any corner of
Vancouver just with your phone.
The app can also store the addresses of your home, workplace and any of your favourite
locations, making your taxi reservation as simple as a single click.
All new features on the Black Top Vancouver app were designed in response to your previous
suggestions and implemented to offer you the best travel experience possible. Your ability to
travel across Vancouver in a stress-free manner is of our utmost importance.

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