by Ho Ching (Crystal) Lam | October 15th, 2021

Black Top & Checker Cab Announced iPhone 12 Contest Winner

Early October, Black Top & Checker Cab contacted Lynn B. and announced that she was the winner of BTCCabs’ first-ever iPhone 12 contest.

The contest, which was marketed through a direct mail and an email campaign, aims to award one participating Black Top taxi passenger with an iPhone 12. The customer that has taken the most Black Top taxi rides between July and August was to be awarded the prize.

Among hundreds of entries, Lynn took 108 rides between July and August, leading all other contest participants. For Lynn, Black Top and Checker Cab has been her main form of transportation when she travels between Inner Lower Mainland and Vancouver City for weekly appointments and visiting her family, as such, she regularly takes over 50 rides per month.

When Lynn first received the announcement, she was in utter disbelief, as she had never won prizes from a public award contest in the past. It only settled in as a reality after she met Jeff Wan, the General Manager of BTCCabs. Jeff travelled to meet with Lynn and gave her the prize in person. He also congratulated and thanked her for her years of loyal ridership.

After awarding the iPhone 12 to Lynn, Jeff also mentioned, “Black Top sincerely appreciates all of our loyal customers. I’m glad we had this opportunity to express our gratitude. Our efforts in giving back to the Vancouver community will not end here. Black Top will continue exploring ways to support the local communities.” He further hinted at potential future giveaways and urge all riders to stay up to date by following Black Top and Checker Cabs’ Facebook page.

About Black Top & Checker Cabs

Black Top & Checker Cabs is a local taxi company, which has served the City of Vancouver community for over 80 years. We are committed to providing comfortable, reliable, safe, and convenient services to every customer we serve.

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