by Eliza Megan (Guest Writer) | April 8th, 2021

What is IoT?

IoT stands for the Internet of Things. As the name suggests, it is a network of ‘things’ or ‘objects’ that have sensors within them that enable them to connect with devices such as dash cams, appliances, and systems over the ‘internet’.
This technology has made way in communication and has bridged a lot of gaps. With time, a lot of cheap computer chips are now available that have made it possible to connect any existing thing a part of the IoT technology. It could be something as small as a pencil or as huge as an airplane. Today, you can switch on a light bulb or control the temperature of your air conditioner through your mobile phone, all thanks to IoT technology.

Impact of IoT on the Taxi Industry

With the Uber wave, the taxi industry has met a mighty blow. The license-holder taxi drivers are thrown on the back foot and people have chosen Uber as their traveling partner. The sole reason why Uber took over is that it provides convenience to the passengers and allows them to book their rides from any location anytime. You can even dispatch items through Uber now. This has been possible with the inclusion of technological advancements which the taxi industry hasn’t yet taken notice of.
The only way for the taxi industry to maintain its relevance in times when Uber has completely taken over is to reinvent itself with the use of new technologies. The knight in shining armor for the taxi industry is the massively growing IoT technology. With the use of this technology, they can bring themselves back into the game.
As mentioned earlier, IoT technology centralizes many processes. Taking this into account, the taxi industry can also centralize several processes such as dispatching, allowing riders to book rides, selecting their locations, choosing routes, etc. with one system that is developed through this technology. Even within a unified system, several different systems can be run. Focusing on the dispatching system, you can make it easy for your passengers to get an update about the arrival, departure, pricing, and weight of their dispatched item. Similarly, for the traveling system, you can keep your passengers updated about the driver’s name, car details, timings, and pricing. It will bring in great convenience for the people and they will reconsider about choosing the regular license-holder taxi drivers again.
One of the reasons why Uber is often criticized is because of the safety issues that are faced by the customers at times. This reflects a certain weakness of their system that the taxi industry can certainly make its strength. You can use IoT technology to provide better safety to your passengers so that they choose you as their traveling partner without any hesitance. You can create a system that allows the passengers to call the drivers anonymously, share their ride with someone they trust to keep in track, and hide their personal information from the driver if needed. The center of these systems should also operate all the drivers and their cars to be able to catch them if something bad happens. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, you must facilitate your customers in the best possible manner and make an example out of the culprit driver to gain the confidence and trust of your clients.


The IoT industry is growing at an exponential rate. It is making lives easier in so many different fields. However, this technology has a lot more potential than what is tapped. It is not a system that is restricted to operating home appliances with your mobile phones. It is a technology that can revive the taxi industry and provide support to the license-holder taxi drivers who are otherwise facing a lot of financial and work-related issues. Since this technology is all about providing ease and making things simpler, it can easily be incorporated in the systems of taxi and redesign them according to the modern standards. You can even have access to the national electrical code 2020 on your mobile phone and fix issues with the electrical systems at your place. The Internet certainly has made life simpler and so has the Internet of Things.

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