by Ho Ching (Crystal) Lam | Jan 18, 2021

Looking to travel across the City of Vancouver? Take a local Black Top taxi and arrive at your destination in a speedy and peace-of-mind manner.

Reserve your Black Top & Checker ride today with the revamped mobile application.

  1. Download the app

Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for “Black Top Vancouver.”

Download the Black Top & Checker App Now!

2. Create an account
Sign up with your name, email address, phone number, and a password. A verification code will be texted to your phone; enter it in the application when prompted.

You are ready to reserve for your first ride!

If you plan to use the in-app payment option, you can add your credit card details during the signup process as well.

3. Book a Black Top & Checker Cab
In the search bar, enter your preferred pickup address or enable ‘Location Services’ for the app to detect your current location. Then, enter your destination in the ‘Destination Required’ field.

If you have a desired car type, such as a wheelchair accessible vehicle, you can tap on the ‘Car Type’ button to indicate your preference.

Click on the ’Book Now’ tab, and you will be matched with a nearby Black Top & Checker driver.

Alternatively, you could choose ‘Later’ to select a booking time for a trip in the future.

When your booking has been processed successfully, a confirmation message with the taxi’s details will pop up on your screen.

4. Meet your taxi driver
On the app, you can track the estimated arrival time of your taxi and its current location. You will also receive a phone call reminder when your ride is less than 0.5km away.2

Head to your pickup location and meet with your reserved Black Top & Checker Cab.

Enjoy a safe and comfortable ride to your destination!

5. Payment options
After completing your trip, you can pay with cash or card in the cab, through your corporate account or using the in-app payment option.

To pay with the corporate account, select ‘Account’ under the ‘Payment Type’ tab. Then you will be prompted to input your corporate account number.

To pay with the in-app option, you will need to register your credit card by selecting the ‘Credit Card’ option under the ‘Payment Type’ tab. You will then be asked to enter your credit card information manually or by the ‘Scan Your Card’ function. After the registration, the app will provide you with a unique security code each time you book a taxi with the app. Provide the security code to your driver when you enter into the cab to confirm the driver is picking up the correct passenger, and you will be charged for the trip automatically at end of trip.

6. Rate your trip
When you have completed your trip, please rate your ride and let us know how Black Top & Checker Cab can better serve you next time!
7. Share the Black Top Vancouver app
Let your friends and family know about this convenient taxi reservation app by going to the ‘Share’ tab and spread the word through social media, email or text messages
8. Additional features on the Black Top Vancouver app
Activate the ‘Parent Tracker’

The ‘Parent Tracker’ allows parents to monitor their children’s location when riding a taxi by themselves.

To use the feature, input your number in your child’s Black Top Vancouver app under the ‘Parent Tracker’ tab. When prompted to add a parental code, you could enter any 4 digit number of your choice. After the setup, you will receive notifications whenever your child reserves for a taxi via the app as well as a link to track the trip live!

Cancel your booking
If you realized you no longer require our taxi service after making a reservation, you could cancel your trip by selecting the particular trip within the ‘Booking’ tab.

  1. Black Top & Checker Cab charges the same fare regardless of cab type.
  2. To disable email notifications when your taxi is approaching, please un-select the option(s) in ‘Settings.’
  3. While we are sad to see you go, Black Top & Checker Cab does not charge a cancellation fee, as we value your convenience. 


  • Please refer to the ‘Privacy Policy’ under the ‘About’ section for more information on data protection.
  • The estimated fare displayed in the app might differ from the final amount charged due to factors, such as busy traffic.