by Eliza Megan | Nov 29th, 2021

Breakthroughs in technology have transformed the market for many business ventures and service providers. Instead of going through long, arduous processes for obtaining products or services, you can do so through your app in a few clicks. Technological advancements have also changed a lot of things when it comes to the automobile and car services sector. This includes AI advancements that have increased safety in autonomous vehicles. Through app technology, one can hail a cab with a few clicks. This has completely changed the market and has led to the decline of traditional cab riding popularity. But just how much effort goes into the development of these apps? How much accessibility do they provide to the riders? This article will discuss exactly that.

The development of taxi apps

The popular taxi apps you may be familiar with may seem simple to operate, but a lot of work is done to develop them. Developers need to keep a lot of features in mind to make these apps accessible to customers. This includes building an app with a fantastic user interface and experience. Apps like Node.js, Java, Python, and Flutter are ideal for developing cab service apps. In addition, developers need to keep a range of features in mind when developing their apps. Some of these essential features are:

  • User Registration
  • Driver Search
  • Real-time Notifications
  • GPS Integration
  • Advanced Booking
  • Secure Payment
  • Driver-Rider Communication
  • Cancellation Methods
  • Support

As you can see, developers need to look out for a lot of features. These are just the basic ones that are required for their application to be functional. Many other important features make an app accessible. We will discuss some of these ahead.

Airport Transfers

The great thing about taxi apps compared to standard ride-hailing apps is the focus on airport transfers. Customers generally want to reach airports on time and with ease. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, going to certain airports over others can be crucial as not all flights are available everywhere. With taxi apps, you can book a cab comfortably according to your baggage and the number of people you wish to transport, i.e., your family or spouse. You can also use a built-in fare estimator to get an idea of the fare you will have to pay until the airport, ensuring you have everything planned out.

Ride Cancellation

Life is unpredictable and unexpected things happen all the time. This is why providing customers with a ride canceling option can make their lives a lot easier if these situations happen. This may hurt the profits of the taxi company a little bit but will bring many benefits in the long term. This is because customers will feel a lot more comfortable with your application allowing them more accessibility.

Multiple Drop Off Points

Chances are, when someone is using a cab to commute out in the world, they’ll have to make a lot of stops. Therefore, developers need to design their apps to display these options to provide riders with this convenience. They need to integrate them into the interface so that customers can add multiple drop-off points with just a click. This allows them to run multiple errands simultaneously and allows drivers to receive a fair fee.

Ride Scheduling

For some people, getting a cab at a specific time is crucial. This is because they may have busy schedules and cannot afford to wait around or may have to go for an appointment. In such a case, the option to book a cab a few hours earlier can be quite beneficial to them. Tracking a driver can also help with this as riders can see exactly where the cab driver is with a simple click on the tracking option. On-approach notifications can also signal to a rider that the driver is close by to prepare themselves. This can help save time for the rider as well as the driver. In essence, it makes hailing a taxi very accessible for them.

In conclusion

The advancement in app technology has led to a significant number of strides in various markets. One such market is the cab market which cutting-edge applications have entirely transformed. In this article, we have seen how much depth goes into designing an application that is accessible to customers. It allows them to choose a range of options with a simple click on the screen. We hope this article has provided you with insight into how advanced cab services have become. Additionally, we hope you have a great experience with them.