by Ho Ching (Crystal) Lam |July 5th, 2021

VANCOUVER, July 2021 – Black Top & Checker Cabs announced its partnership with Spread a Smile BC to provide free oral care for those unable to afford a dental visit and spread smiles across Vancouver one person at a time.

Through this partnership, Black Top & Checker Cabs will offer its taxi service to transport beneficiaries of Spread a Smile BC’s free dental care program. It is estimated that tens of individuals will receive a taxi ride from Vancouver to White Rock (approx. 100 CAD per trip), where dental treatments will be offered to relieve teeth aches and other conditions that cause discomfort as well as impact regular food consumption.

“Black Top sees this as a valuable opportunity for giving back to the community, especially when our business has been built upon local support for the past 83 years,” said Jeff Wan, General Manager, Black Top & Checker Cabs. “Offering support and contributing to the well-being of other city members, also aligns with our vision to being a public figure spearheading positive impact within the taxi industry.”

To learn more and support Spread a Smile BC’s effort in bringing dental healthcare services, products, and knowledge to members of the Vancouver community, please visit

About Black Top & Checker Cabs

Black Top & Checker Cabs is a local taxi company, which has served the City of Vancouver community for over 80 years. We are committed to providing comfortable, reliable, safe, and convenient services to every customer we serve.

As a member of the local community, we have continued to give back and support local initiatives to reflect our commitment to the city and our neighbours.

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About Spread a Smile BC

Spread a Smile BC is a local not-for-profit organization that provides free dental healthcare services to low-income individuals and an advocate for oral health literacy. Visit for more information.

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