by Ho Ching (Crystal) Lam | March 15th, 2021

Looking to visit the beautiful and nature-filled Vancouver city sometime in the future?

With both a compact downtown core and a robust public transit system, you could easily arrive
at any of your desired attractions, shopping centers, and outdoor activity sites located in
Vancouver. To help you better navigate the city, we have come up with a list of ways for getting
around in Vancouver.

1. Foot

Exploring Vancouver by foot will allow you to see the city in a more in-depth and personal manner. You can stop at a corner antique store or people-watch on a park bench whenever you desire. If you prefer a more guided approach, join a local walking tour to hear locals and historians share the city’s stories.

Navigating around Vancouver is also fairly simple. If you ever feel lost, look for the mountains, they will point you to the North.

Tip: In case Vancouver lives up to its ‘Raincouver’ reputation during your walk, take an umbrella or a rain jacket with you.

2. Bike

Vancouver is very cycler-friendly with bike lanes located throughout the city. Download the “Vancouver Cycling Map” to learn more about their locations.

To cycle around Vancouver, you could either rent a bike from a rental company, such as Spokes Bicycle Rentals and English Bay Bike Rentals, or participate in the local bike-sharing program, Mobi by ShawGO. Renting from a local store will cost on average between 30 cad to 40 cad per day. While the 24-hour bike-sharing pass will cost 12 cad for unlimited 30 minutes rides (each additional 30 minutes will cost 6 cad).

Tip: In Vancouver, cyclers must wear helmets. Biking on the sidewalks is also illegal. Additionally, always remember to lock your bike to prevent potential theft attempts.

3. Public Transit

The Vancouver public transit system is operated by TransLink, which includes the SkyTrain, SeaBus, and regular buses. The SkyTrain runs mostly on elevated guideways, providing a scenic view of metropolitan Vancouver. In total, the SkyTrain has three routes: the Expo Line, the Millennium Line, and the Canada Line. While the SeaBus connects passengers between downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver. Finally, buses are a convenient alternative if there isn’t a SkyTrain station nearby.

In terms of fare, the public transit system charge by zones. For adults, zone one locations cost 3 cad, zone two costs 4.25 cad, and zone three costs 5.75 cads per trip. You could pay by cash (only available for buses), contactless credit card or the Compass Card, the Vancouver subway pass. To save on transit cost, you could purchase a day pass, a monthly pass or the Compass Card (you could save at least 0.20 cad per trip). These tickets can be purchased at stations and other authorized retail locations, such as 7-Eleven and London Drugs.

Tip: Use TransLink’s Trip Planner to check the transit schedule in advance, as certain routes have a sparse schedule and others have reduced service on Sundays. Also, you could transfer as many times as you wish within 90 minutes after you have paid for your ride.


While the well-developed public transportation system, has reduced the necessity for driving around downtown Vancouver, driving can be helpful if you are looking to venture out of the city. However, when you are driving in the city, be on the lookout for one-way streets and the speed limit (the average city speed limit is around 50 kmph). Also, there will likely be heavy traffic.

Tip: Download the “EasyPark” app to locate the nearest empty parking space.

5. Taxi

If you are looking to travel around Vancouver, taxi is the most convenient and flexible mode of transportation. You can easily hail a cab from the street, reserve a ride through a booking app or the call center. Taxi drivers are also veterans in navigating the streets of Vancouver, ensuring you could reach your desired destination in a fast and safe manner.

Taxi’s charge by the meter, starting at 3.35 cad and 1.93 cad per km after. You could pay by cash, credit card or through the in-app payment option.

Tip: Taxis are available at the Vancouver International Airport 24-7. If you want to be extra prepared for your trip, reserve your airport taxi ride today with Black Top & Checker Cabs.

We hope you will enjoy your time in Vancouver!

Note: Information laid out in this post is created solely for reference purposes, please confirm with individual service providers for up-to-date fees and details before planning your trip.

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