by Ho Ching (Crystal) Lam | December 31, 2020

Taxi or Uber: Why taxi might be a better choice?

Since rideshare services (Uber, Lyft) launched in the 2010s, the debate on whether traditional taxi or Uber is a better service has continued till today. While some might prefer rideshare, taxi companies have a history of offering professional, consistent, and flexible services, allowing passengers to safely arrive at their desired destination in a speedy manner.

Professionalism: Being a taxi driver is a full-time career

Unlike rideshares, a side hustle for some, driving a taxi is a full-time career choice. In other words, taxi drivers dedicate more time to mastering the craft of navigating the city. At Black Top & Checker Cab, drivers have years of experience exploring alleyways and shortcuts not readily available on GPS tools, allowing them to reach any of your desired locations in Vancouver via the most efficient route. Such awareness of the city’s geography also translates to low reliance on digital mapping apps, which can glitch at times.

Beyond reliably taking you from point A to point B, taxi drivers have also excelled in the skill of navigating on busy downtown streets. The ability to avoid cyclists and pedestrians can be difficult on a narrow road. It might pose a challenge for rideshare drivers from the suburbs, but not the case for seasoned taxi drivers.

Aside from their technical abilities, taxi drivers also offer professional customer service. They are not driving to meet new friends or learn more about the city, so they won’t carry small talks with their passengers when deemed inappropriate, and you could enjoy a quiet journey to your destination.

Consistency and Flexibility: Taxis do not have surcharges, cancellation fees, and more

At Black Top & Checker Cab, we promise to offer you consistent and high-quality services. While you won’t get the occasional Cadillac ride experience rideshare apps can offer, we promise our vehicles are seven years or newer, as well as washed and vacuumed daily. Our rates also remain the same even during rush hours, so no surcharges at all times.

Besides consistency, we also work to provide you with greater flexibility when looking to travel around Vancouver. For those who are not as comfortable with rideshares’ in-app payment and robot technologies, we have the option of cash payment and a dispatch team that can answer your questions at all times. And suppose you realize you no longer need a cab after a reservation. In that case, we do not charge a cancellation fee because your satisfaction and peace of mind are the most important to us.

Also, you can hail a cab from the street, perfect for those days when you ran out of data or was unable to connect to free Wi-Fi. Moreover, the taxi will stop right in front of you, so there is no need to worry about arriving at the predetermined pickup location for rideshares, which can be on the other side of the street.

Additional services offered by Black Top & Checker Cab

In addition to providing consistent and flexible services, Black Top & Checker Cab has also expanded our offerings to include free Wi-Fi on vehicles and a jump start service because we want to serve you in all possible ways. So, next time when you are looking for a ride in Vancouver, take a taxi and experience our exceptional service for yourself!

Can’t wait to hail a cab? Reserve a taxi on our Black Top & Vancouver app today!