Black Top & Checker Cabs has been operating in the City of Vancouver and serving the communities for over 80 years. We are committed to emphasize on the highest level of comfort, convenience and customer service for the local taxi industry.

Mission Statement: Providing reliable, safe, and efficient transportation services

Vision: To revolutionize the public perception towards the local taxi industry and become a public figure in taxi services

Going Green: 90%+ of our fleet are hybrid vehicles to take a part in reducing our carbon footprint. Our Corporate office is taking initiatives to eliminate the use of papers and going digital.

Our Company has the second largest fleet in the city, 200+ units available for hire. Furthermore, Black Top has wheelchair accessible vans consistently on the road to accommodate specific needs.

Variety of Options to Book a Cab:

  • Our 24-7 dispatch live support and ever-improving technology allow us to provide personalized and customized services to a variety of customers’ needs.
  • Our mobile app offers a list of features which include booking a taxi, paying taxi fare, etc.
  • Our web booker provides customers the ability to book a cab on a web browser as well as pre-booking.


We Listen: Black Top values your feedback. Click “Contact Us” to leave us a message, we’ll be in touch soon!