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Vancouver airport taxi service

From the City of Vancouver, Black Top Checker Cabs offers reliable service to the Vancouver International Airport. However, if you intend to travel during the busy rush hour periods, please ensure you give yourself plenty of time before your flight departs. Black Top Checker Cabs is one of 16 companies authorized to provide service from the airport – so if you prefer to use a Black Top Checker Cabs, please advise the airport taxi host and he or she will assist you with your request

Pickup and delivery courier service

If you need immediate pickup and delivery of an envelope, parcel or small package (under 20 pound or 10 kilograms), Black Top Checker Cabs can assist you. Our call taker will ask you for a telephone number and contact name at the point of pick up and at the point of delivery. This will assist our drivers in ensuring your delivery is made in minimal time. Although the rate is determined by the meter, there is a minimum rate of $15.00 for this Taxi Delivery service.

Jump start assistance

Black Top Checker Cabs provides a Jump Start Service when required by motorists who need roadside assistance. This service is $20.00. Due to the various problems that could be related to a low battery the $20.00 is charged whether the car starts or not.
* Please Note: Black Top Checker Cabs is not responsible for any damages caused by improper connections to vehicles. Car owners should make sure that the connections according to their vehicle’s requirement. Please look at your owners manual for details.

Book taxi by phone

If you prefer to call for your taxi in advance, our Dispatch Staff will take your call hours or days prior your taxi requirement.

Taxi arrival reminder

When calling for a Black Top Checker Cabs taxi, our Dispatch Staff can have the computer telephone you to advise you when the taxi has arrived or is getting close. To utilize this feature just let us know. Our call taker will take your telephone number and input your request. The next time you call for a taxi, only your phone number will be required, as the computer stores all the particulars of your address. This service is free of charge. Black Top Checker Cabs Company Ltd. of Vancouver is an owner-operated company serving the residents, tourists and business professionals in The City of Vancouver and surrounding area.

Wheelchair taxi service

Black Top Checker Cabs offer Wheelchair Accessible Taxi service in Vancouver for people with special needs, servicing Vancouver and destinations across Metro Vancouver. We service customers to/from their homes to medical appointment, rehabilitation centers, employment, theatre, shopping trips, wedding, physic-therapy or social activities. We do not leave our customers stranded or unattended. You can drive electric wheelchair or scooters into our vehicles. Black Top & Checker Cabs Vancouver has 36 Wheelchair Vans to serve you.