Black Top Cabs

777 Pacific Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R7 Canada

Phone: 604-681-3201 Fax: 604-681-9894

The undersigned customer hereby applies Black Top & Checker Ltd. (hereafter called the “Company”) for a charge Account and upon acceptance by the Company and the opening of the Account Agrees to be bound by the following terms:


  1. The Charge Account opened in the Customer’s name may be cancelled at any time by either party giving notice thereof in writing to the other. Accounts with no activity for a five-year period will automatically be closed.
  2. The Customer agrees to pay monthly all charges billed to the Customer’s charge Account when due and the statement of Account by the Company shall be binding and conclusive against the Customer.
  3. All Charge Accounts are due and payable on receipt of invoice and any amounts unpaid
    for sixty-two (62) days after due date shall bear interest of 2% per month from due date to date of payment.
  4. Those charge Accounts whose monthly charges do not exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00) per month shall belevied a ten dollar ($10.00) service charge. Note- this charge is not applicable if there is no account activity in a given month.
  5. On default of payment when due the Customer shall be charged any expenses incurred by the Company in effecting collection including solicitor/client costs, which said expenses shall be added to the amount due from the Customer and from a part thereof.
  6. The undersigned Guarantor (if any) hereby unconditionally guarantees payment of all amounts owing by the Customer from time to time and acknowledges effective until revoked in writing which shall continue in full force and effective notwithstanding payment in full of Customer’s charge Account from time to time. Revocation by the Guarantor of indebtedness incurred prior to such revocation.
  7. The Company shall not be bound to pursue or exhaustits remedies against the Customer before requiring or becoming entitled to payment from the undersigned Guarantor who waives notice of default by the customer.
  8. Bank service charges may be applicable for payments received in funds other than Canadian.
The undersigned acknowledges that the Company has entered into this agreement based on the following information.

    Credit Application-- Regular Account Information

    Two References

    Signed by Director
    Signed by Guarantor

    (Must be signed by a director listed above)

    Print name and title of above signatory